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Goddamn, I’ve been enjoying this CD way too much lately, so I’ve just gotta post about it. This
College Park, Maryland band puts the “F” and “U” in FUN.
Here ya have five rockin’ retrodorks mixing up surf and garage party tunes in a way that’ll
transport you back to, oh, I dunno, the mid-’90s when this kinda shit was a lot more popular?
Something like that. Hell, questioning the timing of this release isn’t what I’m here to do. Nope.
This is just a really great self-released CD (sorry,
don’t think it’s out on vinyl) and may actually end up making my Top 10 for 2005. Yeah, that’s right,
I don’t always like to hype just the bands on record labels. Some of the best ones out there can’t
seem to “get signed” at all (or don’t give a rat’s ass about it in the first place). Take Monsters
From the Surf, for example. These middle-aged, beer-drinkin’ surf punks seem to be just happy to
play stupid, fun rock’n'roll. And they’ve been doing it since, get this… 1985!
(They’ve also shared the stage with such greats as Dick Dale, The Slickee Boys, SCOTS, The
Swingin’ Neckbreakers, The Untamed Youth, The A-Bones, and The Car Thieves, among others.) And
the best thing about all of this is you can tell from the minute you hit the play button that these
guys don’t take themselves at all that seriously. No pretenses here, chumps. No overly snobby and
boring “musicianship” either. They’re obviously not out to reinvent the wheel, just to see how far
they can get it to roll down the hill.
The band’s website is a real treat, too. Takes you back to around 1997. Pure “primitive” HTML
silliness, with bad animated graphics (dancing hoola girls and bouncing heads, anyone?), outrageous
colors, crappy layout, and goofy soundbytes. But what these guys lack in cutting-edge Web design
skills they more than make up for in their music, which is just as archaic…
The songs here range from snotty ’80s-style punk rock (”Cheap Beer,” Hunt Fish,” cover of
Supercharger’s “Ice Pick”), beach party romps (”Beach Blanket Bimbo,” “Pajama Party,” “Watusi
Underground,” “Bedrock Twitch,” a cover of Redd Cross’ “Annette’s Got the Hits”), cowpunk (”
Spurs in Your Face”) to seriously good, reverby instro surf (”Kamehamea,” “Hangman,” “Kamikaze,”
“Mr. Gassy”) and garage rock stompers (”Caveman,” “Shake,” “National Bohemian,” and great covers
of The Haunted’s “1-2-5″ and April March’s “Chick Habit”). Seriously, if there’s one problem this
band must be faced with every time they order a keg of Natty Boh before practice, it’s what style
they should focus on that particular night. They’re too damned diverse! Pick a style already!! Heh,
kidding, of course. These guys can come play for a crowd of a dozen or so people here in St. Louis
any day, and I’ll be right up front spraying ‘em down with the PBR.
Do yourselves a favor and check out their site and order a copy of the CD. You’ll be glad you did…

Phil Dirt from Reverb Central gives the CD **** 4 stars **** and says:

"Just four instros among a throng of surfed up party swillers.
This is the most fun and entertaining party CD I've heard in ages.
There's a welcome cover of "Annette's Got The Hits" among the slab of 15 vocals."

Picks:  Kamehamea,  Kamikaze

"Kamehamea"  (4 stars)

The sea laps the shore while a couple of numbskulls discuss marks on a corpse. Then "Kamehamea"
arrives, and it's a
splashy and mighty fun instro with a very original melody line that's upbeat and
engaging. Dribbling double picking, and wonderful tone, with great drums and arranging.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Hangman"  (3 stars)

"Hangman" is a romping almost frat rockin' surf grinder with a beer-soaked grin.
Very much a party
splash. There's lots to have fun with here.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Mr. Gassy"   (3 stars)

There's burpin' aplenty as "Mr. Gassy" displays his talents throughout this party theme.
splashy surf tone and ample fun.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Kamikaze"   (4 stars)

Paul Johnson's "Kamikaze" gets a cowboy backbeat for a whole new sound.
It makes a great difference.
Splashy, richly driven, and way too fun!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

NO BRAINS ZINE review (Netherlands)


Monsters From The Surf combine surf, early 60s garage punk, rock'n'roll with good dosis of
punk and samples from bad 50s and early 60s movies. Well, also some hardcore and tiny bit
of country. These guys mixed it all really good and weird, just the way I like it - simple,
brainless, primitive and not really cool. Monsters From The Surf didn't pay some famous
artist to make the cover art, they put a bunch of pictures from the gigs in the booklet, as
well as pics of their audience - but it's all so charming and really great CD for all night long
party and definitely one of the better bands I heard lately. The most important of all are the
songs and Monsters From The Surf really know how to do it. I must mention the drummer
"Mr. Gassy" the best vocal you ever heard.

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