Let's Rock  Cassette Compilation (1989) put out by Don Smith,
a college DJ from WMUC (University of MD College Park).  Monsters from the Surf
Cheap Beer.  For a few years in the late-'80s/early-'90s he had a weekly
radio show called "Don Smith's Teen Scene", which featured cool music as well as
the occasional local band playing live in the studio.  The Monsters played twice
(once in 1989 and again in 1990) during his show.  The 1990 performance was
recorded off the radio.  Unfortunately the first show was not recorded and is
believed lost.   This cassette was pretty hard to find even back then, as not very
many were produced and they were only sold in a handful of local record stores.

DeCeased Sampler EP  (1992)  1 pressing on DeCeased Records (DR-003)
1,000 copies.  Included 1 track each by the Monsters From The Surf, The
Rhomboids, Dait Bait and the Ubangis.   This was originally given away free with
Brutarian magazine #7.    The Monsters perform
Quasimoto.   This EP is still
available in limited quantity from
Trash Palace and is well worth having.

Night of 100 Elvises CD (1996) Hungry for Music.   Compilation of Elvis
tunes performed by bands that played the charity benefit
Night of 100 Elvises held in Baltimore.   Monsters perform King Creole.

Reef Madness CD (1997)  Deep Eddy Records.  Cool surf compilation.
Monsters perform

A Holiday Feast Vol. 2  CD (1997)  Hungry for Music.  
Compilation of Christmas music performed by DC-area musicians.  
The Monsters perform
Santa's Got A Mohawk.

No Approval Needed  CD  (1998) Broken Note Records.  
Another compilation.   Monsters perform

A Holiday Feast Vol. 5   CD  (2000)  Hungry for Music.
Compilation of Xmas tunes performed by DC-area musicians.
Monsters perform
Surfer's Christmas List.

A Holiday Feast Vol. 6   CD  (2001)  Hungry for Music.
Yet another compilation of Xmas songs by DC-area bands.  
Monsters perform
(Hey) Santa Clause.

Creme de la Creme   CD  (2000)  Hungry for Music.
Kind of a "best of" of all the Christmas compilation CDs produced.
Monsters perform
(Hey) Santa Clause.

American Idle  CD EP  (2004)  Frap-a-phonic Sound.
Self-produced by the Monsters, this 5-song EP was mostly sold (or given away)
at shows and parties.  Features
Caveman, National Bohemian,
Cheap Beer, Kamikaze and Mr. Gassy.  

Monsters from the Surf  CD  (2005)  Frap-a-phonic Sound.
After years of thinking about it, and a few half-hearted recording attempts,
the Monsters from the Surf finally produced their first full-length CD.
Recorded over a two-year period at Phase Studio in College Park, MD, it features
19 songs, including many excellent originals (a few with original Monster Kevin
back on vocals) and some well-chosen covers.

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A second full-length CD has already been recorded
and should be available sometime in the fall of 2005!